5 Ways to Create Extra Space in Your Home

Is your home feeling a little cramped? If so, there are many relatively
inexpensive ways to free up more space. Here are some ideas:
1. Convert traditional into non-traditional space. We’re all familiar with
converting a spare bedroom into a home office or kids’ playroom.
You can also create space by finding other uses for pantries and
walk-in closets.
2. Explore smart storage solutions. There are many products on the
market that revolutionize how you store things. For example, there
are closet organizers available that double storage capacity. Check
out the options at your local home improvement store.
3. Get rid of unneeded furnishings. Is there a chair no one ever uses? Is
there a side table that takes up a lot of space, with nothing but a few
knick-knacks on it? Consider selling these items to free up some
4. Think high. Install storage shelves, hangers or baskets high up in the
kitchen and laundry room. Use that storage for items you only access
5. Consider storage rental. If you have furnishings and other items that
you don’t want to get rid of, consider renting a storage unit. There
may be economical options in your area.
With a little creative thinking, you’ll be amazed by how much space you can
create within your existing rooms.

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