Tips For Selling A Home Privately

Helpful Advice For Home Owners Who Are Selling Their Home Privately

Ask a Realtor to provide you with a professional evaluation.  While you may have a good idea of what other properties in your neighborhood have sold for; features of your property may differ and could impact value.  Realtors working in your neighborhood will know your market well and can better assess the price you should put on your property.

Also keep in mind that buyer’s automatically assume that the price on a “For Sale By Owner”  is going to be less than a similar home listed by a Realtor.  They generally have no desire to pay you for listing your home.

Retain a top notch Real Estate Lawyer.  You will not have the benefit of a highly trained and educated Real Estate professional to guide you through the contract process.  The Lawyer you choose will be very important.  Make sure that before signing any contract you have your lawyer look at it for clarification.

Advertise — unless your home is in a high traffic area you need to market your home using more than just a sign on your front lawn. Local newspapers, for sale by owner websites, open houses and directional signs are all essential.

Be available — set up a system so that if an enquiry is made using your voice mail you will be able to respond within the hour.  Buyers are fickle-they don’t want to wait too long for a response.

Prepare your home for show — research shows that a property staged will sell faster and for more dollars, than one that is not staged. Your home must also be clean and well maintained.

Prepare for Realtors to call you and ask you if you will co-operate with them in terms of paying them a commission.   Should they bring a buyer and sell your house.

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