Royal LePage – Home Selling Series

Episode 6 – Helping You Prepare Your Home for Sale

Outlines how your client should prepare their property to make it ready for sale.

Episode 7 – Helping You List Your Home

Provides an overview of the listing process and how you will help your client determine the right asking price for their home.

Episode 8 – Helping You with Your Home Sale

Explains to your client how you will design a marketing plan to ensure their home gets the maximum exposure required.

Episode 9 – Helping You Negotiate Offers

Tells the client how you will help them negotiate to get the best possible price for their home.

Episode 10 – Helping You Close Your Home Sale

Outlines what your client should know about the closing process and how you can help guide them through this process.

Episode 11 – Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Provides your clients with tips on how to make their home energy-efficient, increase home value, and save money at the same time.

Episode 12 – Updating Your Bathroom

Offers your clients tips on how to update or renovate your bathroom to increase home value.

Episode 13 – Landscaping To Increase Home Value

Provides tips on how your clients can increase the value of their home with smart landscaping.

Episode 14 – Buying A Recreational Property

Offers your clients tips on what to consider when buying or thinking about buying a recreational property.

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