The Major Elements Of An Offer

When it comes to making your Offer to Sell a property…I shall provide you with current market information that will help assist you in determining the offer price and all particulars.


Depends on the market and the buyer but generally the price offered is different from the asking price.


The deposit shows the buyer’s good faith and will be applied against the purchase price of the home when the sale closes.  I shall advise you on the suitability of the amount of the deposit to be offer offered.


Includes the total price the buyer is offering as well as the financing details.


These might include (most common)  “Subject to home inspection”,  “Subject to the buyer obtaining financing” or “subject to the sale of the buyer’s property.” There may also be other conditions included for the benefit of the buyer.


These might include appliances, electrical light fixtures, window covering, mirrors and some decorative items that the buyer may be interested in.


Generally the day the title of the property is transferred to the buyer and the funds are received by the seller, unless otherwise specified.  At this time the buyer has possession and may move in the house.

Their offer to purchase will be presented as soon as possible.  You may accept the offer, reject the offer or submit a counter offer.  The counter offer may be in reference to a number of changes such as price, closing date, inclusions etc.

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