How to sell your home faster by boosting your property’s curb appeal

By admin • October 23rd, 2018

Ideally, you would like buyers to wait until they’ve viewed your whole
property before they judge it. However, the reality is, buyers start forming an
impression of your home as soon as they see it from the curb. So, it pays to
do everything you can to improve your property’s “curb appeal”.
Here are some ideas:
· You can improve the impact of your landscaping by trimming hedges,
removing any unsightly weeds, and cutting the grass. Planting just a
few fresh flowers can make a big impact.
· If your main entrance door is old, a fresh coat of paint will make it
look like new. In some cases, the effect is significant.

Remove any items that might distract the buyer from forming a good
first impression. For example, garbage cans, stored items along the
side of the property, etc.
· Make sure the curtains and blinds on your front windows are open
during viewings. That will make your home look more friendly and
· If your driveway has grease stains and other blemishes, consider
renting a power washer and giving the driveway a thorough cleaning.
· Clean your front windows. If possible, also clean the exterior panes.
Finally, if possible, park your vehicles on the street and away from your
home. Doing this will not only make your home look more inviting to buyers,
it will give them a convenient place to park.
Most of these tips can be done in less than a day. Yet, they can make a big
difference in your home’s curb appeal. They are worth the effort!


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