Royal LePage – Home Buying Series

Episode 1 of 14 – Helping You with Financing Your Home Purchase

Provides your clients with tips on organizing their home finances so they are prepared for their home purchase.

Episode 2 of 14 – Helping You Determine Your Needs and Wants

Explains to your client how you can help them assess their needs and wants so they can purchase the right home at the right price.

Episode 3 of 14 – Helping You with Your Home Search

Outlines to your client how you can help them find the perfect home.

Episode 4 of 14 – Helping You Make an Offer

Provides your client with an overview of how the offer is made.

Episode 5 of 14 – Helping You Close Your Home Purchase

What your client should be prepared for on moving day and how you can help manage them through the process.

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